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Digimatic Cooling Bath

Product Code : TVT-MTE-10686

Circulating Bath
This specially design water cooling bath mainly for laboratory use to provide cold water, comprising with refrigeration compressor, silent operation and also equipped with water heater to control water above ambient up to 60 °C.
Using high accuracy electronic thermometer with digital display. 
Stainless steel bath with internal circulation pump and also come with external circulation system with 2 inlet/outlet flow filling together with 1 meter flexible hose (2 length) and transfer disc unit.

Technical Specifications : 

Temperature Range

 5°C to 80°C


 ± 0.1°C

Both Capacity

 30 litres

External Flow Rate

 12 liters / min


 600 (L) x 870 (W) x 1120 (H) 

Heating Power

 3000 watt

Cooling Power

 800 watt

Power Supply

 200 V, 50/60 Hz , 1Ph

Approx. Weight.

 95 kg



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