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2 Parameter Tablet Tester with Printer

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10718

Measures hardness and thickness Touch screen display

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Leak Test Apparatus

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10719

Ideal for checking leakage of packed strips, blisters, small sachets and ampoules

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Powder Flow Tester

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10720

With a compact design and small footprint, the perfect choice for affordable testing for powder characterisation.

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Tap Density Tester

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10721

Supports USP 1 (300 taps per min) & USP 2 (250 taps per min) and ASTM test methods

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Beaker insert stirrers

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10722

For all beakers from 100 to 2000ml capacity.

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Disposable needle

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10723

Disposable needles, chromium-nickel steel, for gentle insulin injection

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Electronic contact thermometer

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10724

Advantages include a separate temperature probe that maintains the main body away from steam and other vapours.

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Flask Inlay 10ml

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10725

Round bottom Volume : 10 ml

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Magnetic Stirring Bar Retrievers, PTFE

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10726

PTFE-encapsulated stirring bar retriever with strong permanent magnet (Alnico 5), universal chemical

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Cylindrical Magnetic Stirrer Bar, PTFE

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10727

Plain design with rounded ends, suitable for a wide range of flat bottomed containers.

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Universal reaction block system for magnetic stirrers

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10728

Universal alternative to oil bath For round plates of 135 to 145mm diameter

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Magnetic stirrers without heating

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10729

Top plate is insulated from the motor and protects your heat-sensitive samples from any thermal damage.

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Heat-On Attachments

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10730

Fit precisely to every flask ensuring maximum surface contact and fast heat transfer.

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Magnetic laboratory stirrer RET basic

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10731

Magnetic stirrer with sophisticated heating and stirring technologies.

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Multi-position magnetic stirrer without heating

Product Code : TVT-CELE-10732

Without heating. With non-mechanical, electronic induction drive, 100%

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