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Automatic Marshall Compactor 295 kg

Product Code : TVT-BATE-10339

Automatic Compactability
This machine comes with controller compartment unit. 
This ruggedly constructed machine has been designed to eliminate the laborious process of hand compaction. 
It automatic compacts the specimen and stops after the preset number of strokes has been completed on the automatic digital display counter. 

Technical Specifications:

Weight of Hammer

 4535 ± 15 g

Free Fall Height

 457 ± 5 mm

Blow Rate

 55 - 60 Blow / min

Dimension (Main Frame)

 520 (L) x 370 (W) x 1680 (H) mm

Dimension of Case (Packing)

 670 (L) x 580 (W) x 1800 (H) mm

Total Weight

 295 kg

Packing Weight

 340 kg



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