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Electrical Density Gauge

Product Code : TVT-STE-10582

Soil Moisture & Density
The Electrical Density Gauge (EDG) is a nuclear-free alternative for determining the moisture and density of compacted soils used in road beds and foundations. 
Its user-friendly, step by step menu guides the user through each step of the testing procedure and cautions the user when values do not correspond to established curves for the material being tested.
The EDG is a portable, battery-powered instrument capable of being used anywhere without the concerns and regulations associated with nuclear safety.
Technical Specifications :

Soil Compaction Range

 Standard field compaction range

Test Range Depth

 30 cm

Control Device

 Compact steel case with touch screen

Soil Sensor Probe

 Internal Built-In

Data Transfer

 USB Port or Bluetooth (Optional)

GPS Accuracy

 3 meters (optional)

Wet Density Range

 Typical Compacted Earth Sites Range

Dry Density Range

 Within 3% of standard tests

Moisture Content Range

 Typical Compacted Earth Sites Range

Moisture Content Accuracy

 Within 2 % of standard tests

Operating Temperature

 0 - 50 ˚C

Ambient Operating Humidity

 5 - 90 %, non-condensing


 Li Ion Battery (AAA Battery Optional)

Battery Life

 Approx. 20 Hours

Battery Charger

 240 V 50/60Hz

Case Dimensions

 420(L) x 330(W) x 220(H) mm


 5.5 kg



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