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Digital Direct Shear Testing Machine

Product Code : TVT-STE-10600

Shear Testing Machines
This machine is used to perform consolidation & shearing phase of a standard direct shear & residual shear test under automatic speed control. 
The shear force readings are obtained from the proving ring at specified intervals of horizontal displacement shown on the touch screen display.
The system consists of a micro stepper motor to apply horizontal shear load to the soil specimen, at user-input shearing rate. 
Control panel come with LCD and keypad for manually setting and control,large liquid crystal display and with 16 keys membrane,reciprociting shear capability and times are settable built-in 16 bit Data acquisition and control.
Incorporated with limit sensors to prevent shearbox from over-travel at forward or reverse motions.
Technical Specifications :-

Max. Shear Capacity

 5 kN

Adjustable Shear Speed

 0.00001 to 9.99999 mm/min

Max. Shear Travel

 45 mm

V.Load Beam Ratio


Approx. Dimension (LWH)

 1300 mm x 400 mm x 1250 mm

Power Supply

 240V, 1 pH, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 Hp

Approx. Weight

 165 kg



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