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Automatic Ring & Ball Softening Point Apparatus

Product Code : TVT-BATE-10353

Softening Point of Asphalt
Designed for speed and accuracy, this ring and ball apparatus automatically determines the softening point of asphalts. 
Two laser sensors detect the fall of the ball, detecting and recording the softening point of the test material.
Each unit comes with a bath of heat-resistant glass,tapered rings, ball centring guide, steel balls and ing holder.
The Digimatic Ring & Ball Apparatus  has a magnetic stirrer with adjustable heating facility and digital display of temperature.
Upgraded version with large LED screen. 
Main Features :-
- Memory up to 50 tests
- Adjustable Magnetic Stirrer
- Real time display of temperature and time
- Microprocessor
- Automatic programmable test sequences for water or glycerol

Technical Specifications:

Temperature Range

 0 - 270°C

Testing Range

 5°C to 180°C

Temperature Increase Timing

 (5± 0.5)°C/min

Timing Accuracy

 1 second

Timing  Setting Range

 0 - 99 min , 99 seconds

Dropping Distance

 25.4 mm

Product Dimension (mm) 

 280 (L) x 180 (W) x 295 (H)

Carry Case Dimension (mm)

 365 (L) x 240 (W) x 220 (H)

Approx. Product Weight

 4.5 kg

Approx. Packing Weight

 5 kg


 220 V, 1 ph, 50 / 60 Hz, 800 W



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