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Automated Asphalt Cutting Machine

Product Code : TVT-BATE-10356

Mixing Of Elements
specimen into asphalt mixture Mechanical testing required for other sizes, with high precision, automated operation, safe and reliable features. 
It also can be based on user needs to install other clamping accessories, for others type of material such as terrazzo, natural stone, concrete products, ceramics, refractory bricks and other non-metallic materials and pipe.
Automated Asphalt Cutting Machine is a fully enclosed automatic specimen cutting machine for cutting the standard asphalt mixture cylindrical (Φ100 ~ Φ155mm) or  300 mm x 300 mm plate 
This machine is fully computerized system with touch screen control panel,it also come with automated specimen clamping and sawing system for fast,accurate cutting all kind of specimen.

Technical Specifications:

Spindle Speed

 1450 RPM

Cutting Speed

 0 - 999 mm/min

Cooling Pump Flow

 4 L / min

Maximum Cutting Thickness

 150 mm

Maximum Cutting Width

 - 300 mm Automatic Fixture
 - 400 mm no Automatic Fixture Installed

Blade Diameter

 500 mm

Operation Pressure

 0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa/20 litres (Built In)

Pneumatic Claimping Force :
*Round Specimen
*Slab Specimen


 150 - 180 kg
 300 - 360 kg

Cutting Accuracy

 ±0.3 mm


 2300(L) x 1100 (W) x 1400 (H)

Approx. Weight

 600 kg


 415 V, 3 ph, 50/60 Hz , 3 kW



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