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Accelerated Polishing Apparatus

Product Code : TVT-BATE-10366

Determination of the Polished Stone Value
Maximum of 14 special fabricate specimen moulds and then mounted on a metal wheel and specimens are brought into contact with a rubber tyred wheel and by increasing loads during operation.
The apparatus is used for determining resistance of aggregates used for road wear caused by polishing action of vehicle tyres on a real surface. 
It used to prepare aggregate samples for testing resistance by using Skid Resistance Apparatus. 

Technical Specifications:

Dimension (mm)

 540 (L) x 630 (W) x 1600 (H)

Road Wheel Rotation Speed

 320 r / min

Rubber Wheel Outer Diameter

 203 mm

Air Pressure

 0.3 Mpa

Rubber Wheel Hardness

 55 ± 5IRHD

Road Wheel Outer Diameter

 406 mm

Measuring Speed

 1 m / s

Approx. Weight

 165 kg


 415 V, 1 ph, 50 / 60 Hz



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